Romal Abdi


A tribute to Romal Abdi

Romal Abdi was one of Erik’s families closest friends. Unfortunately he is not among us anymore. The super kid Romal was only 23 when he was taken from us due to a tragic traffic accident – way too early.

You can actually talk about a tremendous loss and tremendous sorrow for Erik and his surroundings. We will truly miss you dear Romal.


Romal was a very special kid. Even on the most annoying day, Romal would always put on a smile and light up the room. Romal was unique in his ability to move to a foreign country at a young age, and take up any challenge that met him. Romal was at the end of his internship as a process operator at Novo Nordic in Copenhagen, with the entire world before his feet. The world is less fortunate not to have him around any longer.