New frontiers

New Frontiers is an expression utilizing what has been learned constructively, which is most certainly the case for the businesses and other affairs Erik is and has been involved with. If anybody has learned a lot, it is most certainly Erik Leth Nielsen.
New frontiers means the old frontiers have been moved and widened. It is all about understanding the unlimited potential within each individual. Erik embraces and celebrates all diverse individuals who are capable of spreading love to the collective globally. In many cases this unlimited potential is severely suppressed. If only this potential could be used to the maximum, what a world this would be.
Forced migration has been used to force large numbers of people from Africa and South America towards the industrialized and highly developed west. This has caused tremendous problems and frustration in the northern hemisphere. The individuals pushing this agenda are considered the most evil in our universe, that thrive in chaos and destruction. Fortunately measures have been taken to deal with the migration push.
Top notch is the key element for Erik Leth Nielsen. It is all about treasuring every single top notch detail life has to offer. It is about exploiting the most from close to nothing in every aspect. Erik is a master in locating suppressed potential and energy.
The driving force and meaning with our existence is learning to master and enjoying mutual consciousness and love. The only people that belong in a box, are those who limit others expecting them also to live in a box.
Lack of transparency, knowledge and suppressed potential is the root to all evil and fear. However in some instances the release of the suppressed potential can only appear with a little use of evil/resistance. A good life is a razor thin blade, where the individual must balance it self on it. Shedding light on the unknown will drive the fear away. There is a distinct difference between organic and artificial evil.

What is respect worth if there is no love behind? Nothing. A conclusion of our current world. Globalists bankers, technocrats and bureaucrats ended up with nothing. Loveless respect is worth zilch. The only respect and love a Globalist banker or bureaucrat will ever get, is from a prostitute. Prostitution is not always associated with sex. Globalists and Politicians are no longer in control of anything as they used to be, they are becoming desperate. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Our planet is getting seriously ill, and needs all the love and attention she can get. She has been completely used up and robbed. It is time for humanity to give back, and reuse things of our world.

Now every individual must have the right to strive for sane sensible sovereignty. A master of balance, should be allowed to become sovereign. Denouncing any level of sane sovereign attempt is against the universal lore, and the person denouncing will be dealt with accordingly, by the divine consciousness.

Any sane individual being will most likely never be involved in any type of crime, unless of course the individual has no choice. The individual cannot be held responsible, because if the sane individual commits a crime as it is a means of survival and thus forced to commit the crime.